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    * Latest "Analytic-Geometry" News * 


Letter: Teacher found math in everyday life  Elko Daily Free Press

Editor: “The universe demands balance.” That's what Frank Stott often said. He was my math teacher at Elko High School for algebra, trigonometry, analytic ...

Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians Of All Time: Check Them Out  ValueWalk

Here we are going to take a look at the top 10 greatest mathematicians of all time based on their contributions to the field. Some of the.

A handy design: UC Berkeley engineers introduce 1st 'ambidextrous' robot  Daily Californian

After more than three decades of research, UC Berkeley engineers Ken Goldberg and Jeff Mahler introduced the design of a novel "ambidextrous" robot in a ...

Viewpoint: A Theory to Tackle Supercooling  Physics

Reconciling the high viscosity of “supercooled” liquids with their microstructure has stumped existing theory, but an advance in liquid-state theory may lead to a ...

Big Data drives big results  RailwayAge Magazine

Railway Age, February 2019: As railroads continue to expand their data collection technologies across all of their operational areas, they simultaneously ...

School officials pleased with students' gains on Georgia Milestones  Daily Tribune News

Officials from both school systems in Bartow County were pleased with the gains their students made on last spring's Georgia Milestones Assessments.

Study finds that mastering prerequisites—not taking calculus in high school—better predicts success in college

The word alone is enough strike terror into the hearts of even the most accomplished students, but for those who break out in cold sweats at the thought of ...

'Ambidextrous' Robots Could Dramatically Speed E-Commerce

E-commerce continues to expand and achieved new levels during the recent holiday season. To rapidly fulfill the enormous volume and variety of orders, ...

Local teacher wins national Crayola contest | Features  Henry Herald

McDONOUGH — Crayola's summer-long “Thank a Teacher” contest has named Union Grove High School teacher Traci Pourron as one of 10 winners.

Supercomputing Cleaner Power Plants  insideHPC

Researchers are looking to HPC to help engineer cost-effective carbon capture and storage technologies for tomorrow's power plants. One of the many novel ...

Improving UTEP football still unlucky, but end of losing streak looms ahead for Miners  El Paso Times

UTEP football is improving. After close loss to Louisiana Tech, it appears the Miners will break the nation's longest losing streak sooner than later.

The America That Is Not For Me: Part 7  Modern Ghana

I am one of six children, five boys and a girl. And childhood was one special individual I couldn't wishfully bury alive in the stinking misery of death, a d...

Targeting Micrometastases: The Effect of Heterogeneous Radionuclide Distribution on Tumor Control Probability  Journal of Nuclear Medicine

+ Author Affiliations. 1CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom; and. 2Imaging Chemistry and Biology, ...

Staunton has damned the children it most wanted to protect  Staunton News Leader

Staunton has damned the children it most wanted to protect by asking the question, by assuming history, long ago, needed to be expunged.

'Ambidextrous' robots can accelerate speed e-commerce  Digital Journal

A test study has shown how so-termed 'ambidextrous robots' can significantly speed e-commerce. By applying artificial intelligence, the robot is capable of ...

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