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Autodesk Fusion 360: A Collection of Tips to Up Your Game

Autodesk Fusion 360 is gaining traction with machine shops, students and hobbyists, and many of them are looking to up their game and become more ...

Tangent Wave2 Control Surface – One Panel for All Your Apps  cinema5D news

After a long time in development, Tangent have revealed their all-new control surface for all kinds of color grading apps: The Tangent Wave2.

FUZE Technologies Ltd are very pleased to announce the features and technical details for their upcoming release of FUZE 4 Nintendo Switch  Gamasutra

And now for the technical bithellip;April 2019FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is a coding application for Nintendo Switch. It has been designed and developed b.

Custom Macro Enhancements  Modern Machine Shop

This parametric programming version hasn't changed much over the years, but there have been some important updates.

Rubber-like Quasi-thermosetting Polyetheramine-cured Epoxy Asphalt Composites Capable of Being Opened to Traffic Immediately

This paper reports the facile preparation, mechanical performance and linear viscoelasticity of polyetheramine-cured rubber-like epoxy asphalt composites ...

Understanding AutoCAD Mechanical Object Snap Settings  Cadalyst Magazine

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Do you ever feel like your object snaps are possessed? If you are experiencing odd behavior while using them, this tip can help.

Robotics, maths, python: A fledgling computer scientist's guide to inverse kinematics  Robohub

So – you've built a robot arm. Now you've got to figure out how to control the thing. This was the situation I found myself in a few months ago, during my Masters ...

Java Fun and Games: Tips from the Java grab bag  Java World

Ten years of exploring Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) has provided me with a grab bag loaded with useful tips for enhancing games and other Java ...

Taming Robot Arm Jump With Accelerometers  Hackaday

Last fall, I grabbed a robot arm from Robot Geeks when they were on sale at Thanksgiving. The arm uses servos to rotate the base and move the joints and ...

Understanding ancient Indian mathematics  The Hindu

Quite often I find that conversations, with people from various walks of life, on ancient Indian mathematics slide to “Vedic mathematics” of the “16 sutras” fame, ...

Get Objective for Vehicle Dynamics Testing | 2013-01-03  Assembly Magazine

Even today, automakers still rely on the subjective evaluations of test engineers when assessing the handling properties of motor vehicles. However, objective ...

Converting between screen coordinates and scene/world coordinates - Graphics and GPU Programming

Hello! I am trying to learn OpenGL by coding a game for Android, but I have found myself in a pickle. The game so far is a ship (a cube travelling along the Y ...

Newton And The Problem Of ‘Cargo Cult’ Hindutva  Swarajya

The meme-based frivolous activity of Hindutva supporters is really a betrayal of the historical responsibility that society, dharma and time have entrusted upon ...

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