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    * Latest "Cosine" News * 


New detector fails to confirm would-be evidence of dark matter  EurekAlert

Brazilian researchers are participating in the COSINE-100 experiment, installed 700 meters underground in South Korea.

More bad news for controversial 20-year-old claim of dark matter detection  Ars Technica

Enlarge / Scientists with Italy's DAMA/LIBRA collaboration have been claiming to see a seasonal shift in "dark matter wind" for over 20 years. New results don't ...

AI Blueprints: Implementing content-based recommendations using Python  JAXenter

In this excerpt from "AI Blueprints", Dr. Joshua Eckrot explains how developers can use Python to create *content*-based recommendations in the enterprise.

COSine brings accomplished authors and scientists to convention one last time  Colorado Springs Independent

Sci-fi and fantasy conventions often place emphasis on film and TV, but our very own local COSine, while it celebrates all forms of media and...

COSINE-100 Experiment Challenges Previous Claims About Dark Matter  SciTechDaily

A new international experiment, called the COSINE-100 experiment, challenges previous claims about the detection of non-luminous dark matter.

COSINE-100 experiment investigates dark matter mystery  Yale News

Yale scientists are among 50 who are part of a new international experiment that challenges previous claims about the detection of non-luminous dark matter.

Image: X-ray eye of Athena  Phys.Org

This 'mirror module' – formed of 140 industrial silicon mirror plates, stacked together by a sophisticated robotic system – is destined to form part of the optical ...

Spacecraft's X-Ray Eyes Assembled in Cleanroom  R & D Magazine

A 'mirror module'—formed of 140 industrial silicon mirror plates, stacked together by a sophisticated robotic system—will form part of the optical system of the ...

Mum of two Sharon Finch’s giant thank you to Haddenham company Cosine for support during cancer journey  Bucks Herald

A mum of two - who has been touched by outpourings of support from kind-hearted colleagues after her cancer diagnosis has thanked the firm for all they have ...

Wilson Perumal Tech Consultancy Names Dean Hamilton As CTO  BlockTribune

Wilson Perumal & Company has appointed Dean Hamilton as its chief technology officer. Hamilton has been a Wilson Perumal & Company senior advisor since ...

COSINE-100 experiment challenges previous claims about detection of non-luminous dark matter

A new international experiment, named COSINE-100, is currently underway at South Korea's Yangyang Underground Laboratory to investigate a previous claim ...

Sensors Expo 2018: High-Precision TMR Geartooth Encoders Deliver Sine/Cosine Outputs  Sensors Online

MDT expands TMR sensor offerings with integrated encoder modules for industrial applications.

Where Is Dark Matter? Another Experiment Fails to Find a Signal  Gizmodo

A dark matter experiment in South Korea may soon confirm or deny an outstanding piece of dark matter evidence.

CORDIC Brings Math To FPGA Designs  Hackaday

We are always excited when we see [Hamster] post an FPGA project, because it is usually something good. His latest post doesn't disappoint and shows how he ...

“Sine Cosine Tangent”  The New Yorker

New Fiction by Don DeLillo: “I liked reading books that nearly killed me, books that helped tell me who I was, the son who spites his father by reading such books ...

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