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    * Latest "Euclidean-Geometry" News * 


Biblio File: Local engineer proposes ‘humanist’ economics for prosperity  Chico Enterprise-Record

Retired electrical engineer Darwen Cook of Chico wondered some years ago what would happen if economics was viewed from an engineering perspective.

Hooked on hyperbolic geometry  The McDaniel Free Press

“How tall are your stitches?” and “are there any colors people would like me to get more of?” are not questions you typically hear a professor ask in a college ...

Space the Nation: What Donald Trump owes to science fiction  SYFY WIRE

How Trump exists in a world of science fiction, even if he has not imagination himself.

Before his early death, Riemann freed geometry from Euclidean prejudices  Science News

The originator of Riemann's hypothesis died young, but he provided the geometry needed for modern view of spacetime.

The impossible architecture of video games

There is a saying in architecture that no building is unbuildable, only unbuilt. Structures may be impossible in the here and now, but have the potential to…

The Argument from Mathematics Doesn't Add Up to God (2 of 2)  Patheos

Let's conclude our exploration of this new argument for Christianity. The Argument from Mathematics argues that math's ability to explain reality is so ...

Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians Of All Time: Check Them Out  ValueWalk

Here we are going to take a look at the top 10 greatest mathematicians of all time based on their contributions to the field. Some of the.

MEMORANDUM: The Axiomatic Basis for Musical Theory in the Physical Sciences  Executive Intelligence Review (EIR)

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. [Print version of this article]. The editors of EIR are publishing here, a previously unpublished memorandum by Mr. LaRouche ...

Reshaping the Universe: VR Landscapes Explore Mind-Bending Geometry  Live Science

A team of artists and mathematicians has just created a non-Euclidean virtual-reality universe where the usual rules of geometry and physics don't apply.

Variation Of The Speed Of Light And A Minimum Speed In The Scenario Of An Inflationary Universe With Accelerated Expansion  Science Trends

Newtonian mechanics has established the limits of speeds, starting from the rest to an infinite speed. The Special Theory of Relativity (SR) has set these.

Hyperbolic geometry of the olfactory space  Science Advances

In the natural environment, the sense of smell, or olfaction, serves to detect toxins and judge nutritional *content* by taking advantage of the associations between ...

Interview: 'If We Want New Revolutions, We Need New Abstract Concepts as Well'  The Wire

A conversation with the noted mathematical physicist Nalini Anantharaman about the importance of fundamental research, quantum chaos and unpredictability ...

Euclid's Elements is now a beautiful website  Fast Company

2,300 years ago, Euclid of Alexandria sat with a reed pen–a humble, sliced stalk of grass–and wrote down the foundational laws that we've come to call ...

Application of the mathematics of harmony -- Golden non-Euclidean geometry in modern math  EurekAlert

A masterful exploration of history and the essence of mathematical reasoning to the future development of modern science and mathematics.

Neil deGrasse Tyson answers Elon Musk's brainteaser interview question  CNBC

Neil deGrasse Tyson answers a riddle that Elon Musk reportedly asks engineers who are interviewing at his aerospace company SpaceX.

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