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    * Latest "Euclidean-Geometry" News * 


Hyperbolic lattice appears in a coplanar waveguide array

Building on previous work that realized Euclidean lattice models using circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED) and interconnected networks of superconducting ...

Ceramic exploration | Discover

Art takes many shapes. At the Pearson Lakes Art Center they explore them all and encourage their visitors to do so as well. In the Goodenow Gallery through ...

UHV NewsWire - High school students expand math knowledge at UHV summer camp  NewsWire

Students pose Tuesday with Ricardo Teixeira, front row right, University of Houston-Victoria assistant professor of mathematics, during the first day of the ...

‘STEM is an essential tool for the fashion industry of the future’: Dr. Mark Liu  The Sociable

The misconception that fashion designing is not for students of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is steadily being busted. On the ...

Before his early death, Riemann freed geometry from Euclidean prejudices  Science News

The originator of Riemann's hypothesis died young, but he provided the geometry needed for modern view of spacetime.

Serving the Math Whiz Kids: Private enrichment programs step up to meet the need - Education Next  EducationNext

Megan Joshi has always loved math— and excelled at it. When she was seven, her parents would reward her for doing chores around the house with algebra ...

Women Leading the AI Industry, “Find your calling.” with Jane Nemcova and Tyler Gallagher  Thrive Global

Find your calling. Work in AI because you love the way it integrates with something you're passionate about, not because it's the hot new thing. Educate yourself ...

How Geometry, Data and Neighbors Predict Your Favorite Movies  Quanta Magazine

A little high school geometry can help you understand the basic math behind movie recommendation engines.

Orientation in a Big World: On the Necessity of Horizonless Perspectives - Journal #101 Summer 2019  E-Flux

One of the most overplayed songs of all time was penned by Disney “Imagineers” just as increased communicative connectivity, commercial global travel, and ...

Application of the mathematics of harmony -- Golden non-Euclidean geometry in modern math  EurekAlert

A masterful exploration of history and the essence of mathematical reasoning to the future development of modern science and mathematics.

Euclid's Elements is now a beautiful website  Fast Company

2,300 years ago, Euclid of Alexandria sat with a reed pen–a humble, sliced stalk of grass–and wrote down the foundational laws that we've come to call ...

11 Non-Technical Books All Data Scientists Must Read  Analytics India Magazine

In this article, AIM lists down top 11 non-technical books that every single data scientists should inculcate and internalise to stand out from the crowd. There are ...

Reshaping the Universe: VR Landscapes Explore Mind-Bending Geometry  Live Science

A team of artists and mathematicians has just created a non-Euclidean virtual-reality universe where the usual rules of geometry and physics don't apply.

Hooked on hyperbolic geometry  The McDaniel Free Press

“How tall are your stitches?” and “are there any colors people would like me to get more of?” are not questions you typically hear a professor ask in a college ...

Eric Frydenlund: Things are not as they seem  Chippewa Herald

Like most men, I trust my intuition. Whether it's weaving my way out of the woods at dusk or making financial decisions, I rely on my mental map. Besides, the old ...

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