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Fortune-telling, zoning fix, utility easements on BOC agenda Tuesday night

JONESBORO—The Clayton County Board of Commissioners has a number of construction projects and contracts on tonight's consent agenda for the board's ...

Funko's Big Movie Pop Figures Include a Super-Sized Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine

Okay, so it seems that the flurry of Tom Hanks Pop figures Funko has released this month isn't only about his beard. They appear to be celebrating all things Tom ...

The Legacy of ‘Orange Is the New Black:’ The Broadsheet  Fortune

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Mellody Hobson chimes in from her 'corner office,' Ivanka stays silent, and we reflect on how the women of 'Orange Is the ...

Trump Says He’s Trying to Bring Rapper A$AP Rocky Home  Fortune

Urged on by the first lady and celebrities including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West, President Donald Trump said Thursday he is trying to help free rapper ...

Leave the U.S., Trump Tells Liberal Congresswomen of Color  Fortune

Starkly injecting race into his criticism of liberal Democrats, President Donald Trump said Sunday that four congresswomen of color should go back to the ...

New York Yankees news: Aaron Hicks’ bat is coming to life  Pinstripe Alley

Aaron Hicks is turning it around offensively; the lack of power may be coming to an end for Didi Gregorius; CC Sabathia at the center of another dust-up with the ...

Reading customers’ minds: Immense opportunity in predictive analytics for marketers  The Financial Express

As more customers shop from their phones, mobile predictive analytics will become increasingly important. Yes, mobile-focussed companies can use predictive ...

Trump’s ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’ Tweets Likely to Resonate at Major Civil Rights Meetings This Week  Fortune

President Trump's tweets on Sunday advising four first-term congresswomen of color to go back where they came from is resonating in time for major national ...

‘Send Her Back’ Chants at Trump Rally: How 2020 Presidential Candidates Responded  Fortune

Showing a united front, several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates defended Somalia-born Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar after supporters of ...

'Preyed upon victim's vulnerable situation': Suspected Oakville fortune teller arrested

A woman who allegedly defrauded a victim of $200000 in Oakville has been charged.

Trump to Congress: ‘If You Hate Our Country… You Can Leave’  Fortune

Trump was responding to furor over his weekend tweets saying that four Democratic congresswomen of color should go back to the "broken and crime infested" ...

Trump’s Tweets Trigger a Conversation About Racism: raceAhead  Fortune

While the political debates rage on, there is something we can all do to change the racist channel.

Move Over ‘Little Mermaid,’ ‘Barbie’ Movie Will Also Cast Minority Actors, Mattel CEO Says  Fortune

Margot Robbie will star as Barbie in Mattel's forthcoming live-action movie. But the toy company hopes to cast more minority actors in the 'Barbie' movie and ...

On the lighter side: Your fortune in its beak!  The News International

Fortune telling is described as the practice of predicting information about a person's life. The scope of fortune telling is, in principle, identical with the practice of ...

App-based psychics may be the only people who are doing well in the gig economy  Salon

In high school, my friends and I went through a phase. Not a punk one, not a posting "deep" lyrics in our away messages one, but a psychic one. It was the ...

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