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    * Latest "Geometry-Magazines" News * 


USModernist's Priceless Architecture Magazine Archives  CityLab

Meet George Smart, a Modernism fan now obsessed with assembling the largest open digital archive of 20th century U.S. architecture magazines.

Update: Schmeisser 60-Round AR-15 Magazine  The Firearm Blog

German Schmeisser brought to the SHOT Show 2019 their 60-round AR-15 magazine. This year they showed the internal construction of this quad stack ...

Save time and your thumbs loading your pistol magazines  Elko Daily Free Press

In 1982, the handgun world was tipped on its head. In that year, Austrian thermoplastics engineer Anton Glock, who had no previous experience with either ...

Meet Süss: A math widget after your heart  Economic Times

A heart can be captured in all its curvaceous glory by a single algebraic equation.

Bruce Lee was a fighter, Ip Man taught him to be a gentleman  South China Morning Post

Kung fu master Lo Man Kam, 86, says his uncle and sifu tried to turn street-fighting Lee into a gentleman • One key lesson: Wing Chun is not about fighting, it is ...

Lara Bohinc's Orbit tables reference Bauhaus geometries  Dezeen

British designer Lara Bohinc looked to planetary orbits when creating these tables which "expresses the simplicity of Bauhaus design".

5 stylish handbags inspired by architectural form  South China Morning Post

Stand out from the crowd with bags and clutches with structural shapes.

C Products Defense Announce DURAMAG Available to North American Market  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Renowned rifle and pistol magazine manufacturer C Products Defense (CPD) has released DURAMAG to the North American Consumer market.

Daily Gun Deals: PSA 36” Single Gun Case & 7 Magpul PMAG 30rnd Rifle Magazines $79.99  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

PBuy Online Button Clearalmetto State Armory has a package deal on their PSA 36” Single Gun Case and seven (7) Magpul PMAG 30 round rifle magazines ...

Shooting the Bull: ETS speedloaders save time and your thumbs loading your pistol magazines  Twin Falls Times-News

In 1982, the handgun world was tipped on its head. Austrian thermoplastics engineer Anton Glock, who had no previous experience with firearms design or ...

Lyndon LaRouche, Cult Figure Who Ran for President 8 Times, Dies at 96  The New York Times

Lyndon LaRouche, the quixotic, apocalyptic leader of a cultlike political organization who ran for president eight times, once from a prison cell, died on Tuesday.

Introducing the Scutoid, Geometry's Newest Shape | Smart News

The scutoid allows skin cells to remain packed tightly together even over curved surfaces.

Celine Dion, Uma Thurman grace Armani’s art deco couture show in Paris  South China Morning Post

Hollywood stars including Uma Thurman filled the front row at Giorgio Armani as the red carpet's top designer put on a dazzling spectacle of sequins, feathers ...

Paris Fashion Week: Hermès goes understated and Thom Browne lights up  South China Morning Post

As yellow vests swarmed the streets, Thom Browne made everyone sit up while Dior moved its show to Friday and Hermès displayed a collection of understated ...

Peter Halley on Dystopian Geometry, Why He Started Index Magazine, and How the ’80s Were No Party  Vulture

Peter Halley founder of Index magazine has two concurrent shows, new work in a site-specific installation at the Lever House and an exhibition of paintings from ...

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