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Perimeter of a triangle - formula and explanation

The perimeter of a triangle is the total length of all its sides. The easiest way to find it is to add up the lengths of all its sides, but if you do not know the length of at ...

Keio grads crack math problem that ancient Greeks tackled:The Asahi Shimbun  Asahi Shimbun

As brainteasers go, the problem seems easy enough to understand.Is it possible for two triangles of.

Ten things you never noticed about 'The Wizard of Oz'

You've seen "The Wizard of Oz" a million times. But here are 10 things you may never have noticed.

Building the Country's Best Pizza Pie  The Daily Beast

One man's quest to collect and freeze a slice from his favorite pizzerias across the country.

Hay’s Daze: Exploring the treasures of a secret room  Red Deer Advocate

A while back, I happened to notice an article in the newspaper that said, “The latest trend in home design,” and there was a picture of a door masquerading as a ...

How to See the 'Jupiter Triangle' in April's Night Sky

Jupiter and two bright stars make up a "Jupiter triangle" in the night sky. Here's how to look for it in April and through summer.

'Jupiter Triangle' to shine bright in April's night sky  Fox News

Planet Jupiter is going to delight stargazers with a rare show in April when it forms the bottom of a triangle, connecting two of the brightest stars in the solar ...

#56: Bisector, Circumcenter, Isosceles  Amerisurv

Dave Lindell, PS, retired after 36 1/2 years with the City of Los Angeles. He keeps surveying part time to stay busy and keep out of trouble. He can be reached at ...

Like father, like son: Wearing the uniform together  Rapid City Journal

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE | Each flag was an inch by half-inch isosceles triangle — the 50 chalk-white stars crossed over a field of blue and rows of red.

How to See the Jupiter Triangle in April  Inverse

Starting in April, Jupiter and two of the brightest stars in the sky, Arcturus and Spica, will be perfectly aligned to look like a triangle in the night sky. Since Jupiter ...

EYES TO THE SKY: Majestic Summer Triangle tilting west |

Mount Washington — The Summer Triangle, a majestic, nearly isosceles triangle shaped by three of the brightest stars visible at northern latitudes, is prominent ...

The Grammar of the Adjective Is Not What's Wrong With 'Illegal Alien' – Lingua Franca - Blogs  The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Justice Department recently sent an email instructing U.S. attorneys never to refer to foreign citizens in the U.S. without the appropriate visa as ...

Travel - The mystery behind Greece's temples  BBC News

Studies show that the ancient Greek temples could have astronomical intentions – but on what scale?

An Estonian office block receives a splash of color with an aluminum mesh facade  The Architect's Newspaper

Estonia-based architectural practice molumba has enlivened a suburban office block with a unique concrete and aluminum screen assembly. The project was ...

'I am These People' | News  North Coast Journal

Artist Brian D. Tripp and the land of the fix-the-world people.

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