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    * Latest "Multi-Player-Games" News * 


Sony To Slightly Shift Its Focus Towards Multiplayer Games For PlayStation 5  SegmentNext

Shawn Layden speaks more about his plans with Sony. Including a focus on PlayStation 5 multiplayer games in the years to come.

I Keep Trying To Play Multiplayer Games Solo  Kotaku

I've mostly been a single-player gamer. I grew up with Nintendo consoles and went more Metroid than Mario Kart, more Super Mario Bros. than Smash Bros.

10 Multiplayer Games More Fun Than Fortnite | TheGamer  TheGamer

From Mario Kart to Friday the 13th, these multiplayer games are a must for fans of gaming with friends.

Gameye raises $1.6 million to minimize delays in multiplayer games  VentureBeat

Gameye has raised $1.6 million for its business of creating matchmaking services for multiplayer online games. The Rotterdam, Netherlands-based startup ...

Grab a Friend and Play These PvP and Multiplayer Games For VR Fitness  VR Fitness Insider

Playing and exercising in VR with single player games boosts our self-confidence and makes us feel like superheroes. But diving into multiplayer VR games and ...

Switch multiplayer games are up to 70% off right now  TechRadar

A selection of co-op and competitive games are seeing heavy discounts on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Wccftech’s Most Anticipated Multiplayer Games of 2019  Wccftech

We dived into our most anticipated multiplayer games due in 2019, such as Anthem, Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr.

Sony's Shawn Layden hints at new PlayStation multiplayer games from the publisher  Game Revolution

Sony's Shawn Layden recently hinted that new PlayStation multiplayer games could be coming from first-party studios. Layden specifically mentions the ...

The 15 Best Multiplayer Games Of All Time (And The 15 Biggest Disappointments)  TheGamer

These are by far the greatest Multiplayer games ever made, and a few that are huge disappointments.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 getting multiplayer tuning pass  AltChar

Treyarch's last patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was a bit on the light side, most likely due to Valentine's, but the company promised several important ...

10 best emulators to play multiplayer games on PC  Windows Report

Read this guide to learn what are the best emulators that support multiplayer by using split-screen or stand-alone multiplayer/co-op styles.

‘Anthem’ maker discusses beta takeaways, update schedule and response to ‘Apex Legends’  Washington Post

Lead producer Mike Gamble chats at length with The Washington Post about the heralded game, which releases Feb. 22.

The 25 Best Co-Op Video Games to Play With Friends  Complex

Co-op games succeed or fail based on how well the title engages everyone playing. Here are the best multiplayer video games to play on PS3, Xbox, PC ...

Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Video games to play with your partner

With Valentine's Day just gone readers name the games they enjoy playing together the most, from Mario Kart to The Walking Dead. The subject for this ...

Zelda: Link's Awakening Remake May Have Multiplayer  Game Rant

New information in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Remake's product listing could be hinting at new multiplayer features in the final version of the game.

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