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How My Son Surprisingly Got Me Into Video Gaming  The Federalist

I imagined tossing the baseball with my son. Instead, we play Minecraft, and I love it. Video gaming with my son is everything, because he's my son.

Jeff Jacobs: Edgy Spanos determined to help Huskies find better angles  Middletown Press

STORRS — Lou Spanos' angle is to get his UConn tacklers to take better angles. My angle is to induce the best response possible. You didn't have to be ...

Increasing Demand of Dental Burs Market is Booming its Growth Worldwide with Focusing on Prominent Vendors- 3M, BL tech, Lohmann & Rauscher, Ossur, Parker Medical Associates, Proteor, Tynor Orthotics Pvt. Ltd., Troge Medical, S&F Inc  Health Gazette

A dental burr is a kind of burr used as a part of a hand piece. These are normally made of tungsten carbide or diamond. The three sections to a burr are head, ...

Features | The Lead Review | Obtuse Angles: Gazelle Twin's Pastoral  The Quietus

On her latest extraordinary album, Elizabeth Bernholz serves the full English with extra discomfort, grotesquery and barely contained horror. PASTORAL.

Here Are Seven Times the City Said the Chicago Riverwalk Would Accommodate Biking  Streetsblog Chicago

I don't want to go overboard beating the drum against Alderman Brendan Reilly's proposed biking ban on the Chicago Riverwalk, as well as the current situation, ...

Fireflies Inspire More Efficient LEDs  Optics & Photonics News

Sarah Michaud. photomicrograph of LED pattern. Sapphire sheet with asymmetrical micropyramids to produce more light in LEDs. [Image: Yin Lab / Penn State ...

Best single player PC games 2019: the top PC games for playing solo  TechRadar

We pick the best single player PC games that you can play by yourself right now in 2019.

Will Poulter’s Big Sommar  GQ

Last year Will Poulter blew minds in the choose-your-own-adventure *Black Mirror*. How do you follow that? By teaming with a horror phenom for the ...

Firefly-inspired surfaces improve efficiency of LED lightbulbs  Science Daily

A new type of light-emitting diode lightbulb could one day light homes and reduce power bills, according to researchers who suggest that LEDs made with ...

Arts & Culture The Colorful, Far-Out Vision of James Michalopoulos The most recognizable painter in  Garden & Gun Magazine

A staircase has gone missing—it was supposed to be over here, says the artist James Michalopoulos. He had marked the location on the warehouse floor the ...

How music and movement can help kids understand maths  Horizon magazine

Staring at rows of numbers or formulas on a page can be off-putting for many children studying mathematics or science in school. But music, drawing and even ...

Stand up straight! Scientists have found 'posture' cells  Big Think

Increasingly bad posture is being seen due to phone usage. Researchers have discovered "posture cells" that can be isolated from movement. This could have ...

Review: Solo: Islands of the Heart – as valuable as any therapy session  KnowTechie

Solo: Islands of the Heart by Team Gotham, published by Merge Games, pulls no punches and has zero chill. Read our review here.

26 Ohio students move to third round in National Spelling Bee  The Columbus Dispatch

OXON HILL, Maryland — To Yuvan Ram of Hilliard, the word “rhombus” did not present much of a challenge.“A pretty easy word,” the seventh grader from ...

Study concludes 33,000-year-old skull shows signs of blunt-force trauma  Ars Technica

Some 33,000 years ago, a man was violently clubbed to death by a left-handed attacker wielding a club or similar object. That's the conclusion of an ...

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