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Happy Valentine's Day, Google Fiber. Go choke on your chocolate  Courier Journal

Google Fiber's decision to leave Louisville makes us feel like a spurned lover, Joe Gerth writes.

Tex Winter, Brain Behind Basketball’s Triangle Offense, Dies at 96  The New York Times

Winter, who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011, spent 60 years in the sport and helped propel Phil Jackson's teams to nine N.B.A. titles.

Building the Country's Best Pizza Pie  The Daily Beast

One man's quest to collect and freeze a slice from his favorite pizzerias across the country.

God Eater 3 Review  IGN

God Eater 3's frenetic anime-style combat make it a solid take on the Monster Hunter formula, even if its lackluster story and somewhat unvaried *content* hold it ...

Jump Force review – There’s Goku, and Luffy, and my favourite Naruto; they’re all here!  VG247

You don't get more anime than this. In the first two minutes of Jump Force, New York has been destroyed by flying people in pants, Goku's already turned super ...

The end of the world is nigh: the latest short stories reviewed

Only Helen DeWitt would start a book with an epigraph of her own pop-culture mash-up poetry and end with an appeal to buy the writer coffee. The author of…

10 Essential Delaware Albums  Treble

Welcome back to the Treble World Tour, a series of Top 10s covering albums that best represent certain locations—cities, states, territories, even entire nations.

What Is a Kitchen Work Triangle, and Why Does It Matter? News

What is a kitchen work triangle? It's the shape formed by the three main work areas: fridge, stove, and sink.

God Eater Project - Review - God Eater 3 Review  IGN Africa

God Eater 3 is one of those cases where, thankfully, stellar gameplay makes up for a generic and boring story with bad writing. You might have to dig a bit to ...

Vane Review (PS4)  Push Square

You're so vane I'll bet you think this review is about you.

30 Impressive Things The PlayStation 4 Can Do That Xbox Fanboys Ignore  Screen Rant

Sure, the Switch is fantastic, and the Xbox One has a good catalogue, but the PS4 is just that much more smooth, and that much more user-friendly.

The Triangle Offense, a Simple Yet Perplexing System, Dies  The New York Times

The Triangle Offense, an existential basketball strategy so complex that it was quite simple, and so simple that it was maddeningly complex, died of ...

DIY Christmas cards: Make your own Christmas cards  Times of India

One of the most beautiful Christmas traditions is sending your friends and family the holiday greeting cards.

The Right and Wrong Time to Have High Elbows on Freestyle  U.S. Masters Swimming

November 2, 2018. Proper freestyle swimming technique can help save your shoulders from injury. The term “high elbow” has been used over and over again by ...

The Justin Robinson Please Don't Be Seriously Injured Thread (#sauces: Broken Toe)  The Key Play

I don't have anything new about his injury. But instead of spreading all that information out across multiple threads, lets all center the good karma all in one place ...

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