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Presidential race prediction: A math model (II)  Daily Trust

In 2015, this column featured a math model predicting that President Muhammadu Buhari would win the election by 59% of the votes. He won by 53.96%.

Central 4th grade postulates giving  Kewanee Star Courier

This winter, Kewanee students put a real-life equation to the test: hard work + compassion = a unique way to make a difference in the world. Fourth graders at ...

According To Netflix, We All Have 6 Shows In Common  Forbes

According to Netflix, each of its 139 million members are likely to share six shows in common with any other member, anywhere in the world.

Politicians don’t fear debt. They fear unpopularity.  The Washington Post

Let's coin a new law of politics. Call it Neuman's Law after Alfred E. Neuman of Mad magazine fame, whose philosophy is, “What, me worry?” Neuman's Law ...

Khiron Life Sciences Corp (OTCMKTS:KHRNF) Now in Uruguay and Brazil  Insider Financial

Cannabis is turning into a global phenomenon and its growth is now not limited to the United States and Canada. Foreign markets have continued to adopt the ...

The Island  The

By Dr. SIRI. GALHENAGE. Psychiatrist. Shakespeare had a deep exploratory interest in the human mind. As a playwright he provided psychological insights ...

The Born Rule Has Been Derived From Simple Physical Principles  Quanta Magazine

The Born rule, which connects the math of quantum theory to the outcomes of experiments, has been derived from simpler physical principles. The new work ...

Is Godzilla Immortal? Did King Ghidorah Kill Off the Rest of Godzilla's Species?  Dread Central

We know from the prequel comic to 2014's Godzilla (Godzilla: Awakening) that the iconic “Titan” has been around for millions of years. Cave painting proove that ...

Study Explores What Investors Are Really Thinking  Yale Insights

By Roberta Kwok Economists have developed many theories to explain how people determine the fraction of their money to invest in stocks. But disentangling ...

Conspiracy theory about pizza slices viewed by millions on Y...  Daily Republic

Is the animatronic mouse that greets customers at Chuck E. Cheese's harboring a dark secret? Popular internet personality Shane Dawson, 30, says he thinks it ...

Chickenpox Vaccination Does Not Increase Herpes Zoster Outbreak  PrecisionVaccinations

According to a new study, receiving the chickenpox vaccine does not have a significant impact on whether you will develop herpes zoster (Shingles) versus ...

'In the Year 2525': The Gloomiest #1?  Best Classic Bands

It was, to be sure, one of the bleakest songs ever to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Zager and Evans' “In the Year 2525” began by wondering if humankind ...

Former White House Adviser Continues Fueling QAnon Conspiracy Theory That Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Dead  Newsweek

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka continued to promote a conspiracy theory that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died as the Supreme Court Justice ...

'Avengers: Endgame' Theory Explains Why Doctor Strange Sacrificed The Time Stone  ScreenGeek

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked into full swing over 10 years ago, fans have seen the connecting threads throughout the 20 plus films and tried ...

Apple Loop: Apple's iPhone Failure, New iPhone 11 Leaks, AirPods 2 Face Another Delay  Forbes

This week's Apple Loop includes the iPhone's Chinese failure, Apple losing the high ground, another rushed iOS release, iPhone 11 Max details leak, slow ...

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