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Five Reasons to Love the Pythagorean Theorem  Scientific American

On this episode of My Favorite Theorem, we were happy to get to talk with Fawn Nguyen, a middle school math teacher in California. You can listen to the ...

Duke math professor Lillian Pierce wins prestigious Birman Fellowship  Duke Chronicle

Lillian Pierce first recognized the beauty of mathematics in college, when professors led her into the world of abstract math.

76ers vs. Nets Game 4 Betting Preview: Will Brooklyn Rebound?  The Action Network

See the betting odds, picks, trends and analysis for Saturday's NBA Playoffs matchup featuring the Philadelphia 76ers (-1.5) at Brooklyn Nets.

Theano of Croton And The Pythagorean Women Of Ancient Greece  Women You Should Know

Theano of Croton is one of seventeen women mentioned by name in the historical record as having studied Pythagorean philosophy and mathematics.

How to get consumers to buy into healthy, plant-based food: It's all in a name  GreenBiz

If you lived in ancient Greece and ate a diet without meat, you very likely called yourself a Pythagorean. That's because this way of eating was closely associated ...

Astros Trending Bi-Weekly Review, April 11- April 23. Hitting.  The Crawfish Boxes

Let's check in for a statistical study of the Astros season and last two-week period. Hitting today, pitching tomorrow.

Locky’s NBA Playoff Preview: First Round Predictive Trends and Picks  The Action Network

See what series outcome Ken Barkley projects for all eight playoff matchups and whether they are worth a bet.

Why I Order My Whiskey Neat  The Whiskey Wash

I order my whiskey two ways. Neat, with a couple drops of water, or if I've selected an Abunad'h or something similarly cask strength, non-chill filtered, or gloopy, ...

Dodgers Week 4 review: Stellar starting pitching & timely home runs  True Blue LA

The Dodgers won six of seven games last week thanks to a strong rebound week from the starting rotation and timely home runs from the offense.

What are the luckiest and unluckiest teams in Blue Jays history?

If the Toronto Blue Jays hope to shock the world in 2019, they're probably going to need a lot of luck on their side. It begs the question: what are the luckiest ...

The Pythagorean Theorem Was Probably Already Used by Stonehenge Before Its Discovery  Interesting Engineering

Experts say that the famous theorem of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras may already have been used 2000 years prior to its discovery when the ancient site of ...

Ancient engineers behind Stonehenge used Pythagorean theorem | MNN  Mother Nature Network

Book sheds light on the surprising math used some 2000 years before Pythagorean theorem was recorded.

The myth of rational thinking

Why our pursuit of rationality leads to explosions of irrationality.

From giant sloths to Pythagorean proofs: Five presidents with niche scientific interests  Popular Science

President's day is one of those holidays you forget about until you realize you have the day off from work. Or, if you don't get off work, a holiday you forgot about ...

Summer Solstice 2018: How Stonehenge Architects Used Pythagoras' Theorem  Inverse

There are few prehistoric monuments still standing that have catalyzed as much intrigue as Stonehenge. The Neolithic and Bronze Age structure may have been ...

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Pythagorean - Wikipedia
Pythagorean, meaning of or pertaining to the ancient Ionian mathematician, philosopher, and music theorist Pythagoras, may refer to:

Pythagorean Theorem -- from Wolfram MathWorld
The Indian mathematician Bhaskara constructed a proof using the above figure, and another beautiful dissection proof is shown below (Gardner 1984, p. 154).

Pythagorean Triple -- from Wolfram MathWorld
A Pythagorean triple is a triple of positive integers a, b, and c such that a right triangle exists with legs a,b and hypotenuse c. By the Pythagorean theorem, this is equivalent to finding positive integers a, b, and c satisfying a^2+b^2=c^2. (1) The smallest and best-known Pythagorean triple is (a,b,c)=(3,4,5). The right triangle having these side lengths is sometimes called the 3, 4, 5 ...

Pythagorean Numerology - Crystalinks
Pythagorean Numerology. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras. was never actually involved in the numerology systems known nowadays.. Shortly after 600 BCE, he founded the first university and developed his theory of numbers. These theories are the basis of all natural law today and are also the foundation for the occult science of Numerology.

Pythagorean Triples - Math is Fun
And each triangle has a right angle! List of the First Few Here is a list of the first few Pythagorean Triples (not including "scaled up" versions mentioned below):

Pythagorean comma - Wikipedia
In musical tuning, the Pythagorean comma (or ditonic comma), named after the ancient mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, is the small interval (or comma) existing in Pythagorean tuning between two enharmonically equivalent notes such as C and B ♯ (Play (help · info)), or D ♭ and C ♯. It is equal to the frequency ratio (1.5) 12 /128 = about 1.01364, or about 23.46 cents, roughly a ...

Pythagorean Theorem | Brainingcamp
Discover how the Pythagorean Theorem describes the relationship between the lengths of the sides of a right triangle. Understand visual and algebraic proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem.

Pythagorean Theorem Test - CRCT
Pythagorean Theorem Test . Take a free online Pythagorean Theorem Test to check your knowledge about this topic. Do you want to learn more about this topic?

IXL - Pythagorean Theorem (Geometry practice)
Improve your math knowledge with free questions in "Pythagorean Theorem" and thousands of other math skills.

IXL - Pythagorean Inequality Theorems (Geometry practice)
Improve your math knowledge with free questions in "Pythagorean Inequality Theorems" and thousands of other math skills.




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