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Winter storm warning canceled for Triangle, but power outages and slushy roads remain

Even though rain, above freezing temperatures and heat from cars washed away much of Sunday's snow, roads remain a concern around the Triangle on ...

Roads see accumulating snow across Triangle

As snow picked up in northern parts of the Triangle, some vehicles stalled on the side of the road.

People across Triangle cope with early winter snowstorm

The flip-side of a pretty morning snowfall is a clean-up that's never easy.

Rose-Marie Swift On The 3 Makeup Mistakes We All Make (& How To Fix Them)  Refinery29

Rose-Marie Swift, makeup artist and rounder of RMS Beauty, reveals how to apply blusher, concealer and eyeshadow like a pro.

Cover Story: Triangle's C-suite searches intensify in tight job market  Triangle Business Journal

Ask any executive in the Triangle about the challenges they face, and finding talent in a tight labor market is often at the top of the list.

Editor's Notebook: With new jobs for Raleigh, comes new pressure  Triangle Business Journal

Quite a start to the month of December, if you like hearing about companies relocating and expanding.

New homebuilder breaks into Triangle, scoops up talent and lots  Triangle Business Journal

When homebuilding giants Lennar Corp. and CalAtlanic Group merged last year, part of the fallout was a sudden abundance of top homebuilding leadership ...

Walworth County districts cancel school, dig out from snowstorm  Gazettextra

Some Walworth County schools were closed Monday because of weather and road conditions.

Patience will pay off in your co-op search  Drexel University The Triangle Online

In college, life can pass you by pretty quickly, and you may feel like you're missing out on it all because you're drowning in assignments and deadlines.

Foodie News: Big BBQ news for the Triangle

Sean Lennard, the Triangle Food Guy, has the scoop on openings, closings and foodie events.

Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster working to bring a new wave of job growth to our region  WRAL Tech Wire

Editor's note: Susan Sanford is the executive director of the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster, which is an industry-led nonprofit dedicated to accelerating.

Xiaomi’s Gamepad 2.0 turns the Black Shark into a mini Nintendo Switch  Android Authority

Xiaomi has announced the Gamepad 2.0 accessory for its Black Shark smartphone. As the name implies, the Gamepad 2.0 is the successor to the original ...

DIY paper snowflakes: a cheap, easy craft | Lifestyle  Northern Star Online

This holiday season everyone will be flocking to the craft stores to pick up a plethora of festive decorations, but for those who can't afford to go above and ...

Pythagoras and Passing Strategy  Inside NU

Consider two incompletions from Northwestern's game against Iowa. Throw 1: Throw 2: Which is longer? The conventional football way of talking about this is ...

The most beautiful and important mathematical equations  ZME Science

Here are some of the most famous equations, from the ancient Greeks to modern physics.

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Right triangle - Wikipedia
A right triangle (American English) or right-angled triangle (British English) is a triangle in which one angle is a right angle (that is, a 90-degree angle). The relation between the sides and angles of a right triangle is the basis for trigonometry.

Right Triangle Angle And Side Calculator - CSGNetwork
Again, this right triangle calculator works when you fill in 2 fields in the triangle angles, or the triangle sides. Angle C and angle 3 cannot be entered. In case you need them, here are the Trig Triangle Formula Tables, the Triangle Angle Calculator is also available for angle only calculations.

Right Triangle Calculator with detailed explanation
Easy to use calculator to solve right triangle problems. Here you can enter two known sides or angles and calculate unknown side ,angle or area. Step-by-step explanations are provided for each calculation.

Right Triangle -- from Wolfram MathWorld
A right triangle is triangle with an angle of 90 degrees (pi/2 radians). The sides a, b, and c of such a triangle satisfy the Pythagorean theorem a^2+b^2=c^2, (1) where the largest side is conventionally denoted c and is called the hypotenuse. The other two sides of lengths a and b are called legs, or sometimes catheti.

Right triangle - definition of right triangle by The Free ...
right triangle n (Mathematics) US and Canadian a triangle one angle of which is a right angle. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): right-angled triangle right′ tri′angle n. a triangle having a right angle (contrasted with oblique triangle). [1920–25] right triangle A triangle having a right angle. ThesaurusAntonymsRelated ...

Right Triangle | Definition of Right Triangle by Merriam ...
His theorem, a part of Euclidean geometry taught in many high school math classes, states that the hypotenuse of a right triangle (the side opposite the right angle) equals the sum of the squares of the other two sides. — Kevin Kelleher, Fortune, "Stonehenge Builders Used Pythagoras' Theorem ...

Right Triangle Calculator | Definition | Formula - Omni
The right triangle calculator will help you find the lengths of the sides in a right-angled triangle.This triangle solver will also determine the area of a right triangle as well as give plenty of information about the practical uses of a right triangle.

Right Triangle Consulting | Strategic Information Architects
Right Triangle focuses on information architecture. Generally think our vast experience is an asset for our clients, but occasionally, we get stuck in toxic organizational politics. We have a tremendous, experienced, one of our best collections of data and analytic architects we’ve ever assembled.

Right Triangle Calculator and Solver -
Right Triangle Calculator and Solver Five easy to use calculators to solve right triangle problems depending on which information you are given. The figure shown below will be used for sides and angle notations.

Right triangle - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...
A right triangle, (also called a right-angled triangle), has one angle that is 90 degrees. The other two angles always add up to 90 degrees but can be different sizes. The side opposite to the right angle is the hypotenuse ; it is the longest side in the right triangle.




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