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Europeans Like the EU, But Mixed About Brussels  U.S. News & World Report

New research shows the greatest support for the bloc is in Poland, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Sweden.

LaCie Mobile SSD 2TB review  TechRadar

The LaCie Mobile SSD 2TB would have been a must-buy had it been priced $100 cheaper. However, as it stands, it's hard to recommend this drive unless you ...

NI economic output similar to Valencia, EU figures suggest  BBC News

Northern Ireland's economic output per person is similar to that achieved in the Valencia region of Spain, according to official EU figures. The figures from the ...

Is Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins Making Good On Her Campaign Promises?

Earlier this year, Rachael Rollins took office as Suffolk County DA. Many on the left praised her as a progressive reformer, while many on the right portrayed her ...

These maps of petition signatories show which bits of the country are most enthusiastic about scrapping Brexit  CityMetric

As anyone in the UK who has been near an internet connection today will no doubt know, there's a petition on Parliament's website doing the rounds. It rejects ...

The sensual landscape of William Downs, where gender and time feel totally fluid  Los Angeles Times

William Downs has covered two full walls at the L.A. gallery E.C. Liná with an immense ink drawing, a floor-to-ceiling invitation to be immersed in his streaming ...

Trump Approves Disaster Aid to Iowa for Flooding

Two days after he signed a disaster proclamation for Nebraska, President Trump issued a similar declaration for Iowa, making federal assistance available in ...

Kings' Marvin Bagley: Scores 14 in return

Bagley scored 14 points (5-9 FG, 1-2 3Pt, 3-4 FT) and added six rebounds in 19 minutes during Thursday's loss to the Celtics. Bagley (knee) came back from a ...

Don’t take Baseball Prospectus’ Cubs projection too seriously  Chicago Sun-Times

The past is a guide to the future, but it's not a perfect roadmap.

Minnesota Senate beefs up internal sexual harassment rules  CBS 3 Duluth

The Minnesota Senate is now operating under stricter internal rules meant to combat sexual harassment against its members, staff and other people who have ...

TXT vs. LDOS: Which Stock Is the Better Value Option?  Nasdaq

Investors with an interest in Aerospace - Defense stocks have likely encountered both Textron (TXT) and Leidos (LDOS). But which of these two companies is ...

The real power  Pakistan Today

An offer which couldn't be refused. “I will make him an offer he can't refuse,” is a dialogue by the famous Mafia boss, Vito Corleone, in the Mario Puzo novel, The ...

Cardiovascular diseases: Prognostic model from the 1990s still gives the best results  Medical Xpress

The so-called Framingham cardiovascular risk calculator was developed in 1991 on the basis of data gathered in the U.S. between 1968 and 1975. It is named ...

Poly maker Daqo presents a blockbusting set of figures  pv magazine International

Profits and revenues were down in a year which saw average selling prices slump – especially after the turbulence in the Chinese market – but the company's ...

Goldman Sachs says U.K. women earn half as much per hour as men  American Banker

Goldman Sachs pays women in the U.K. an average of 50.6 percent less than male colleagues per hour, although this is an improvement on the 56 percent gap ...

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Ratios and Proportions - Similar figures - First Glance
Two figures that have the same shape are said to be similar.. When two figures are similar, the ratios of the lengths of their corresponding sides are equal.

Similar Figures -
Similar figures have the same shape (but not necessarily the same size) and the following properties: . Corresponding sides are proportional. That is, the ratios of the corresponding sides are equal. Corresponding angles are equal.

Similar Figures: Definition & Examples -
Similar figures are figures that have the same shape, but may have different sizes. A polygon is a two-dimensional object with a minimum of three straight sides and three angles. These types of ...

Similar figures and proportions | MathVillage
Use the "shapeswitcher" to choose the similar figures. Move the vertices, sides, and figures themselves. Notice that the lengths change, but the two figures maintain their similarity. Use the "Show/Hide ratios" button to verify that the ratios are indeed equivalent.

Similar Figures - BrainPOP
A triangle is always a geometric shape, but not all triangles are similar! Tim and Moby use congruent angles and proportionate sides to study similar figures.

Similar Figures Gizmo : Lesson Info : ExploreLearning
Similar Figures. Vary the scale factor and rotation of an image and compare it to the preimage. Determine how the angle measures and side lengths of the two figures are related.

10-7 Similar Figures - Glencoe
similar figures. In the figures below, triangle RST is similar to triangle XYZ. We write this as RST ∼ XYZ. 118° 36° 26° 4 cm 3 cm 6 cm R S T X Y Z 2 cm 3 cm 1.5 cm 118° 36° 26° The matching sides are −− ST and −− YZ , −− SR and −− YX , and −− RT and −− XZ . The sides of similar figures that “match” are ...

Ratios and Proportions - Similar figures - In Depth
If two objects have the same shape, they are called "similar." When two figures are similar, the ratios of the lengths of their corresponding sides are equal.

Similar Figures Date Period - Kuta Software LLC
Similar Figures Date_____ Period____ Each pair of figures is similar. Find the missing side. 1) 20 12 x 3 5 2) x 1 9 3 3 3) 4 x 16 8 2 4) 4 5 8 x 10 5) x 14 1 2 7 6) 6 9 24 x 36 7) 10 9 x 99 110 8) 10 10 100 x 100-1-

Similar - Maths Resources
If there is no need to resize, then the shapes are better called Congruent*.. There may be Turns, Flips or Slides, Too! Sometimes it can be hard to see if two shapes are Similar, because you may also need to turn, flip or slide a shape.




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