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Zurich is the 'fines capital' of Switzerland for 2019  The Local Switzerland

Zurich is budgeting on receiving 152 Swiss francs (€135) per person as a result of fines handed out by the city's police next year.

Celebrities step in after Trump slashes Obamacare ad budget  CNN

New York (CNN) The Trump administration isn't doing much to let Americans know it's time to sign up for Obamacare, so celebrities are trying to fill the void.

A Man Was Using a 4,000 Year Old Indus Valley Pot to Hold Toothbrushes  ScienceAlert

When Karl Martin of Derbyshire, England picked up a pair of pots for £4 (US$5) at a car boot sale, all he wanted was a nice jar to put his toothbrush in. And for ...

Exploring diversity at MSU: 'A work in progress'  Standard Online

Springfield is hardly the most diverse city in America with the United States Census Bureau estimating the population to be about 88 percent white. Missouri is ...

Saudi Arabia's Jurash is Similar to the Jarash Digs in Jordan  Al-Bawaba

Two mountains guard Jurash: Mount Hamouma to the east and Mount Shakar to the west.Jurash, near Abha in the southwest Asir region, is one of the most ...

Hrytsenko, Chumak urge Sadovy, Vakarchuk, number of other public, political figures to unite  Interfax Ukraine

KYIV. Dec 10 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Leader of the Civil Position Party Anatoliy Hrytsenko and head of its election headquarters, leader of the Khvylia movement ...

Pentagon to send green-card holders to recruit training  The Fayetteville Observer

The Pentagon will begin sending a backlog of thousands of green-card holders to recruit training, suspending a policy adopted by the Trump administration last ...

Nearly 600 more people died in Norfolk during winter as number of excess winter deaths soars  Eastern Daily Press

The number of additional deaths during winter almost doubled last year compared to the previous year across the UK, as the colder months took their toll on the ...

Raiders see similar trait in Chiefs’ Mahomes, Steelers’ Roethlisberger  San Francisco Chronicle

Aside from their being the top two quarterbacks in the NFL in passing yards this season, there might seem to be little linking Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers' ...

Jordan Still Optimistic on Tourism Figures Despite Recent Natural Calamities  Al-Bawaba

Jordan is hoping to woo end-of-year tourists with a host of events and new services despite setbacks in which more than 4000 tourists were evacuated after flash ...

From counting muddles to collective cuddles: the art world's highs and lows of 2018  Art Newspaper

The people, places and things that had a year to remember—or to forget.

The NHS faces another winter crisis, but politicians continue to fail to learn the lessons of public sector failures  City A.M.

On Thursday, the British Medical Association warned that NHS England is likely to be 10000 beds short over the coming winter.

Northland officials keep watch as bail reform gains momentum  Duluth News Tribune

Northeastern Minnesota Chief Public Defender Dan Lew sees common threads in the pretrial incarceration population at the St. Louis County Jail. "The poor ...

It’s All Good: Enduring, glorious theater for several ages of man, an Xmas swell-see…  Ukiah Daily Journal

Calling all >> adults with children, without or within! Ukiah Players Theatre's production of A Christmas Carol is astonishing. With dry ice and a live, naturally ...

Nashville sees November home sales dip 7%  Nashville Post

Single-family residences stayed on market 33 days on average for the month.

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Similar Figures - BrainPOP
A triangle is always a geometric shape, but not all triangles are similar! Tim and Moby use congruent angles and proportionate sides to study similar figures.

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Improve your math knowledge with free questions in "Identify similar figures" and thousands of other math skills.

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malaphor - Wiktionary
1977, Benefit Payments Report, California Dept. of Benefit Payments, Health and Welfare Agency, OCLC 11733212, page 5: What I conclude from this admittedly narrow data base is that, while the malaphor flourishes in bureaucratic compost, it will grow just about anywhere. The following malaphors are my pick of the letters. They were uttered in the home, on the farm, in the street.

Similar figures and proportions | MathVillage
Definition: Similar figures are figures that are the exact same shape, but are different sizes.

Ratios and Proportions - Similar figures - In Depth
If two objects have the same shape, they are called "similar." When two figures are similar, the ratios of the lengths of their corresponding sides are equal.

Little people (mythology) - Wikipedia
Native American folklore. The Native peoples of North America told legends of a race of "little people" who lived in the woods near sandy hills and sometimes near rocks located along large bodies of water, such as the Great Lakes.Often described as "hairy-faced dwarfs" in stories, petroglyph illustrations show them with horns on their head and traveling in a group of 5 to 7 per canoe.

Proportions - similar figures - word problems
Proportions - similar figures - word problems Solve tasks by rounding answer to the nearest whole number: 1) A model tree has a scale of 1 cm : 2 m.

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Free Pre-Algebra worksheets created with Infinite Pre-Algebra. Printable in convenient PDF format.

Al-Madinah School
Al-Madinah School is an Islamic school located in Brooklyn, NY. It serves its student from Pre-K to 12th grades.




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