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Ethereum Price Holds its own Despite “jab” by Justin Sun  The Merkle Hash

It is refreshing to see most, if not all of the top crypto markets in the green on a Saturday afternoon. Such a sight is rather uncommon, especially over the past ...

Differential Hall Effect Sensors: Safer and More Reliable for Two-Wheelers of the Future  ELE Times

Introduction. The use of electronic controls for engine, transmission, and wheel speed in two- and three-wheeled vehicles is growing, particularly in developing ...

Demystifying aluminum extrusion bending  The Fabricator

Bending aluminum extrusions can be extremely challenging. But with the right design considerations, it doesn't have to be.

Sculpting stable structures in pure liquids  Science Advances

Pure liquids in thermodynamic equilibrium are structurally homogeneous. In liquid crystals, flow and light pulses are used to create reconfigurable domains with ...

Transcript: WSJ Interview With San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly  The Wall Street Journal

San Francisco Fed leader Mary Daly discusses her outlook for interest rates and the economy, the winding down of the Fed's bond portfolio, and reasons why a ...

Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy to Characterize Semiconductor Materials  AZoNano

Nanoscale IR spectroscopy combines IR spectroscopy with the nanoscale capabilities of AFM to characterize advanced semiconductor Materials.

Imaging quantum spin Hall edges in monolayer WTe2  Science Advances

A two-dimensional (2D) topological insulator exhibits the quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect, in which topologically protected conducting channels exist at the ...

Elias Pettersson's “PetterZone” is real and it's spectacular  Vancouver Courier

Human beings are big fans of numbers divisible by five for what should be obvious reasons (just take a quick glance at your hands if you can't figure it out).

Will the Botched Doctors Be Able to Give a Patient With Paper Thin Tissue New Breasts? on Botched  E! Online

Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are presented with Jessie's complicated case.

This Is How The Sun Moves In The Sky Throughout The Year  Forbes

A photograph of the Sun taken at the same time every day will yield the visual pattern seen here, known as an analemma. The pinched, figure-8-like shape is ...

Diode Lasers: Research gives high-power diode lasers new capabilities  Laser Focus World

R&D at Berlin Adlershof has resulted in design improvements for high-power diode lasers that are boosting efficiency, peak power, brilliance, and range of ...

The existence and impact of persistent ferroelectric domains in MAPbI3  Science Advances

Methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI3) exhibits exceptional photovoltaic performance, but there remains substantial controversy over the existence and impact ...

Serious Security: What 2000 years of cryptography can teach us  Naked Security

Here's a fascinating history of cryptography that has plenty to teach you - and you don't need a degree in mathematics to follow along!

Extreme high-speed laser material deposition conquers industry  Industrial Laser Solutions Magazine

A high-speed laser material deposition process has shown to be technically and cost-effective in cylinder manufacturing.

Viewpoint: PT Symmetry Goes Quantum  Physics

A proposed microwave circuit would allow exploration of the quantum side of parity-time symmetry, which, in classical devices, gives rise to effects like one-way ...

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