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    * Latest "Symmetry" News * 


The Simple Math Behind Our Expanding Universe  Quanta Magazine

Although Einstein's theory of space-time seems more complicated than Newtonian physics, it greatly simplified the mathematical description of the universe.

Hubble Captures Spectacular Spiral Galaxy with 'Near-Perfect Symmetry' KUSA

NASA says spiral galaxy NGC 2985 may collide with another galaxy one day, but for now we can enjoy it in all its symmetrical glory.

Ask Ethan: What Does It Mean That Quantum Gravity Has No Symmetry?  Forbes

The quest for a quantum theory of gravity is the holy grail of physics. Here's why it's murkier than anyone expected.

Business Notes: Symmetry Salon Studios Planning Additional Sites

Symmetry Salon Studios planning to add sites. The Bethesda-based salon and spa company announced the launch of an additional investment campaign on ...

Symmetry to open another Milwaukee location (Milwaukee)

Milwaukee-based Symmetry Corp. plans to open its third Milwaukee location at 1443 N. Prospect Ave. on the city's East Side. The building was built in 1968 and ...

Symmetry in landscape photography: How to compose a symmetrical photo with reflections  imaging resource

There are many different aspects of a potential photographic composition, but one of the strongest ones, and most common if you shoot near still water, ...

Interaction-induced topology in symmetry-broken phase  Phys.Org

Symmetry is a fundamental characteristic in nature. Understanding the mechanisms that break symmetries is essential to scientific research. Spontaneous ...

“No Symmetry” –The Mystery of Gravity at the Quantum Level  The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel

“Many physicists believe that there must a beautiful set of laws in Nature and that one way to quantify the beauty is by symmetry. Some of the symmetries may be ...

Secure-24, an NTT Communications Company, to Acquire Symmetry, Leading SAP Managed Service Provider in the U.S.  Yahoo Finance

NTT Communications Corporation , the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group , and Symmetry Holding Inc. , a ...

A day in the life of a dark matter data wrangler  Symmetry magazine

Maria Elena Monzani prepares an international team to search for clues to one of the biggest scientific mysteries.

Get to know 10 early-career theorists  Symmetry magazine

Junior faculty in theoretical physics talk about what keeps them up at night, their favorite places to think and how they explain their jobs to nonscientists.

Symmetry Salon Studios® Raises Capital to Expand Brand Concept to More Cities in D.C.  Business Wire

New round of fundraising earmarked to position company to increase incubators by fifty-percent then support self-funding of future growth.

Why Are Symmetrical Faces So Attractive?  Psychology Today

The Evolutionary Advantage Theory may hold the key to why symmetrical faces are rated as more attractive.

Emergence of a real-space symmetry axis in the magnetoresistance of the one-dimensional conductor Li0.9Mo6O17  Science Advances

We report on an emerging symmetry axis in the magnetoresistance of bulk single crystals of quasi–one-dimensional Li0.9Mo6O17 below Tmin = 25 K, the ...

Otterbox releases exclusive Disney Parks Otter+Pop Symmetry Case  iMore

Otterbox has just released a brand new design for their Otter + Pop Symmetry Series iPhone case that is available exclusively at Disneyland and Walt Disney ...

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