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Trig-Star students compete at state - News  The Hutchinson News

The 2019 Trig-Star competition saw a 56% increase in the number of contestants. The event had 213 contestants from 17 high schools competing, which is up ...

Trigonometry Is Essential to Physics. Here Are the Basics  WIRED

Good ol' trig: that bastion of angles and triangles is essential to calculating velocity, momentum, and much more.

CSS to get support for trigonometry functions  ZDNet

CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, or the language that styles and arranges how page elements appear on a website, will get support for ...

Best Calculator to Keep At Your Desk  BGR

Not everybody is a math whiz. For quick arithmetic, most of us can get away with doing it in our heads. But for serious business and finance reports, having a ...

Befriend Your Professors, And Life Improves  Old Gold & Black

He knew I played tennis, that old professor of mine, who asked if I had ever read David Foster Wallace's essay “Tennis, Trigonometry and Tornadoes,” about the ...

How do you Doogie  Science Magazine

Our Experimental Error columnist reflects on the allure of youth.

CPC: PACs Offer Teachable Moment  SurfKY News

KENTUCKY (8/23/19) — Elections are kind of like a new school year. New faces show up. *Fresh* ideas are disseminated. Personalities emerge. Elections often ...

Abilene Christian School brings back native son to teach math

Jay Cheatham, a 1980 graduate from Abilene Christian School, will teach high school math after 32 years teaching in public schools in Abilene.

Death in Paradise: Why did Fidel leave Death in Paradise? Why did Gary Carr leave?  Express

DEATH IN PARADISE has seen a number of big stars appear across its 8 seasons. One of the best-loved characters was that of Fidel Best, who left the show ...

Solve Any Maths Problem With These Apps  Lifehacker Australia

iOS/Android/Desktop: Default calculator apps suck. They work like a traditional handheld calculator, which only displays one value at a time and can only do ...

CSS is Getting Trigonometry Functions to Help Web Devs Avoid JavaScript  Dice Insights

CSS, the language that helps websites become so cumbersome (Joke! Kinda!), is learning some new tricks. Soon, web developers will be able to use it to.

Access Alliance for Education Releases a Series of Video eBooks and Courses From Leading OER Author Jay Abramson  PR Web

Targeting today's video-centric students and organized around learning objectives, these video eBooks and courses cover all topics in any College Algebra, ...

Trigonometry over tattoos: Why educating our enlisted troops is paramount | TheHill  The Hill

The Navy and Marine Corps want better-educated officers, but enlisted ranks will provide many tactical insights and technological innovations.

College Connection: Strategies for scoring high on the SAT, PSAT

SAT “secrets” that will help students reach their potential on these all important tests.

What Is Trigonometry?  Live Science

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies relationships between the sides and angles of triangles.

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